QCopter Green Drone Quadcopter -Awesome Drones With Camera -Brilliant Quadcopters LED Lights -RC Drone with Flight Stability -Drones Long Flights of 30 Minutes w/Bonus Battery -5-Star Customer Service

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Excellent Amazon Drone product with all the extras. Battery * * Extended Extended Flight Time with 2 Upgraded Batteries. LED lights on this drone illuminate at night. Stability of flight makes it easy for novices and better control over drone. HD cam enables Birds Eye pictures. Great deals of fun for the whole household. FAQ: 1-What if my Drone is not hovering appropriately, or Drifting to the side? Reset the drone Drone Factory worths by turning the push-button control and power on. Then move the left lever to the lower left corner of the driver and the right Joystick to the lower right corner at the same time. The Drone light should blink indicating that the drone has Reset. The 2 small joystick buttons below the right adjust the drone trim to stabilize the drone. 2-how do I control the speed of unmanned airplane? Button on the leading left of the Speed Presentation controls the driver speed with demo1 being typical mode, demo 2 is more speed and 1/2 the fastest speed. 3-how do I Connect/ Drone driver and sync together? The Drone synchronizes with the driver by moving the left joystick up and after that down on the driver and the propellers will do Engage and spin. 4- Should I install the prop guards and screws? Yes the prop guards safeguard the equipments and motors and should constantly be installed. 5- The length of time should I drone the batteries and long is the flight time charge for each battery? About 2 hours to 15 minutes of charge flight time per battery charge. It does not overload. 6-what if among the propellers are not spinning correctly? See answer to question # 1 for resetting the unmanned drones by factory default. If this does not work please contact the seller for spare parts. 7- WHERE do I get spare parts? Please contact the seller at Mike 8- Ways to install and run the cam? Plug the 3-pin connector into the drone and cam clip on the bottom of the Drone.

Product Features

? UNMATCHED FLIGHT TIME - Best drone battery capacity has up to 15 minutes of flight time for each battery Including a bonus Battery totaling up to 30 minutes of flight time- High capacity battery 3.7V 1100 Mah allows the best drone experience- More flying time equals more fun- Most other drones have only 1 battery with 6-8 minutes of flight time which can be very frustrating for drones for kids and adults! ? BRILLIANT DRONE METALLIC COLORS and LED LIGHTS - RC drones are custom designed ? Awesome colorful LED lights on flying drone provide night illumination- RC Helicopter Quadcopter lights will WOW your family, friends and neighbors. Watch the night light show! ? SUPER STABLE DRONE - Design of Quadcopters gyros provides flight stability for beginners -Gyrocopters 6-axis features flight stability -Quad has 360 eversion for flips and RTF function. Easy handling drone offers best quality drones for kids and adults on the market! ? HD DRONES with CAMERA - HD Drone camera for videos and photos - RC toy drones with camera allows for a birds eye photos and videos. Enjoy the View! ? 5-STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE - Manufacturer Guarantee - Drone seller offers Replacement parts to keep you flying your Drone - Drones for sale has 2-day Prime delivery- Free seller email customer service system and unmatched customer service- Mini Drone only weighs 125 grams and does not require FAA registration- Start flying NOW! BUY NOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS LIMITED TIME OFFER!

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